UAS-CoRa Radiocommunications

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The UAS-CoRa Group was established in 1999 (HAPs/LAPs Group name was the first name) under the initiative of a team of Professors of the Department of Signal Theory and Communications. Research activities of the UAS-CoRa Group are organized today in two research lines on Unmanned Aircraft Systems Radio communications & Cognitive Radio. The Group deals with innovative and developing technologies which aim is to make more sophisticated, reliable, and efficient the aeronautical and wireless communications systems operating nowadays and those coming in the near future. The group activities are mainly focused on the physical layer of the aforementioned technologies, as well as on the radio communications systems in general. Spectrum policies are considered too.

The research work on UAS concentrates on realistic scenarios for evaluating the feasibility of incorporating this technology as a complement of the existent infrastructure in data links and wireless communications. Digital transmission systems for aeronautical (UAVs and aerostatic balloons) systems and aspects as channel modeling and the evaluation of the system performance are the main concerns of this working group in this field. HAPS are particular topic for wireless communications in this group.

Regarding Cognitive Radio (CoRa), our research group treats aspects related with the development of techniques and strategies for the opportunistic access of secondary users into primary networks. The optimization algorithms, spectrum sensing, and overlay communications represent the principal topics under research. Spectrum policies related with Telecommunications services coexistence are also studied at this moment.

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